Repairs and Maintenance

The Car Shop began as a mom and pop type repair shop with a passion for hot rods on the side. We have been providing quality repair and maintenance service since 1991.

We cater to both Import and Domestic. We also proudly install Jasper engines, transmissions and differentials. The warranty is unbeatable!

Maintenance Information:

Maintenance may be a pain, but in the long run it is far less expensive than an unexpected repair bill. In addition, it will make your vehicle last longer. Here's a list of maintenance items and intervals for reference purposes, as your vehicle's intervals may differ according to the manufacturer. Consult your owners manual or call us for specific differences.

  • - Oil & Filter; 3000 miles for petroleum based oil, 5000 for synthetics
  • - Coolant; every 2 years
  • - Transmission Fluid & Filter; every 30000 miles
  • - Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection; 7500 miles or every third oil change
  • - Air Filters; Every third oil change
  • - Fuel Filter; 30000 miles
  • - Tune Up; 90000 miles for fuel injected engines, 30000 for carberated engines
  • - Differentials & Standard Transmissions; 50000 miles
  • - Brake Fluid; 30000 miles ( This one hardly anyone gets but will save expensive brake repairs in the long run)
  • - Timing belts; 60000-90000 miles depending on engine type (Call for application)
  • - Belts & Hoses; 3-5 years depending on application