Dyno & Tuning

We use an MD1100 Mustang Dynamometer (dyno). We can accommodate FWD,RWD, motorcycles and we also have a drag racing simulator tree if you want to test your reaction and 1/4 mile times. This dyno has real world load holding capabilities specifically adjusted to your car, perfect for custom tuning! Also accurately tests horsepower, torque, air/fuel ratios, boost, speedometer calibration, and many other paramaters!

Dyno Pricing

Pick your package........

We can tune many Fords late model Chevrolets and some Dodges in house!

Tuning on other models available by appointment


  • ~Basic Pull with Print Out - $65.00
  • Standard-RPM, Horsepower, Torque, weather correction
  • Tree-Test your skill at the light, get a time slip
  • Includes trained technician
  • ~3 Pulls - $95.00
  • Combination - Any horsepower tests or timed test combo
  • ~Wide Band O2 Sensor reading
  • Combination - Any horsepower tests or timed test combo Boost/Vacuum Reading
  • Includes Printout
  • Includes trained technician
  • ~Hourly Rental - $125.00
  • ~Data logging services are available
  • Includes Printouts
  • Includes trained technician - Ask Us!!!
  • ~1/2 day (2.5 - 4 consecutive hours) - $300.00
  • ~Full day (4 - 8 hours) - $500.00

Custom Tuning
We now have HPTuners software available!!!
  • Custom Tuning For GM Ford Vehicles!!
  • Software from Wester's Garage, Sniper, HPTuners and More
  • Cars, Trucks, Gasoline, Diesel, E85!
  • Not just for hot rods anymore...recalculate speedos, shift points, and improve driveability.
  • Adjust the Big 3: horsepower-Torque-FUEL MILEAGE!!!
  • Vehicles Covered:
    • Ford: All OBDII & some OBDI gas & diesel trucks, cars & SUV's 1986-2009
    • GM: OBDII, V6 & V8 including Duramax & 6.5TD, Corvettes, GTOs, pickups diesels & more 1995-2010
    • *Other vehicles can be tuned by appointment & with proper software
  • Tunes downloaded directly just like a dealer only YOU call the shots
  • Install the parts you want without being stuck with a "tune-in-the-box" that doesn't match your combination
  • Total ignition & fuel control over entire operating range
  • Every tune is custom made for your combo
  • Tuning can be recalibrated or returned to stock
  • Supercharger & Turbo friendly
  • Works with NA, boosted or nitrous combos
  • Transmission pressure & shift control(instant shift kit)


  • Lower speed & RPM limiters for fleet & delivery vehicles to increase longevity and decrease repairs

Speedometer calibration-Adjust limiters & RPMS-Retune high mileage cars for wear

Pricing: Street Tune: $300-350 Dyno Time - Killeen Add $125/hr (Avg 2hrs)
*Prices include up to 1 month fine tuning if needed

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