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Maintenance may be a pain, but in the long run it is far less expensive than an unexpected repair bill. In addition, it will make your vehicle last longer. Here's a list of maintenance items and intervals for reference purposes, as your vehicle's intervals may differ according to the manufacturer. Consult your owners manual or call us for specific differences.

- Oil & Filter; 3000 miles for petroleum based oil, 5000 for synthetics
- Coolant; every 2 years
- Transmission Fluid & Filter; every 30000 miles
- Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection; 7500 miles or every third oil change
- Air Filters; Every third oil change
- Fuel Filter; 30000 miles
- Tune Up; 90000 miles for fuel injected engines, 30000 for carberated engines
- Differentials & Standard Transmissions; 50000 miles
- Brake Fluid; 30000 miles ( This one hardly anyone knows but it can save expensive brake repairs in the long run)
- Timing belts; 60000-90000 miles depending on engine type (Call for application)
- Belts & Hoses; 3-5 years depending on application.

Engine Swaps

We use an MD1100 Mustang Dynamometer (dyno). We can accommodate FWD, RWD, motorcycles and we also have a drag racing simulator tree if you want to test your reaction and 1/4 mile times. This dyno has real world load holding capabilities specifically adjusted to your car, perfect for custom tuning! Also accurately tests horsepower, torque, air/fuel ratios, boost, speedometer calibration, and many other paramaters!

Custom Tuning Formost GM & Ford and many Dodge and Jeep Vehicles!!
Software from Wester's Garage, Sniper, HPTuners and More...Cars, Trucks, Gasoline, Diesel, E85!
Not just for hot rods anymore...recalculate speedos, shift points, and improve driveability.
Adjust the Big 3: horsepower-Torque-FUEL MILEAGE!!!

TCS is capable of handling any and all performance modifications including but not limited to upgraded heads, cams, cold air intakes, exhaust, suspension modifications, turbos, superchargers, methanol systems, fuel systems, cooling systems and custom EFI setups etc.

From water pumps and air conditioners to brakes,  suspensions and engines. We can help you with your repair needs large or small. That pesky check engine light or the leak on your driveway. Electrical and driveability issues are one of our specialties. We will work with you to find and correct the problem.

Nitrous fills




Fabrication is another strong point at TCS.  If there is not an available part, custom fabrication may be needed for a one of a kind application. If you have a need, we have an answer! We are equipped with plasma cutters, MIG & TIG welders, benders, & many other fab tools needed to make one of a kind parts. We are experienced in welding & cutting steel, stainless steel, chromoly, & aluminum. motor mounts, fuel tanks, headers, turbo tubing, crossmembers, roll bars & cages, suspensions, & solutions for manufacturing problem solver components. 


Our Services

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The Car Shop began as a mom and pop type repair shop with a passion for hot rods on the side. We have been providing quality repair and maintenance service since 1991.

We cater to both Import and Domestic. We also proudly install Jasper engines, transmissions and differentials.We can handle the day to day repair needs of your vehicle as well as scheduled and suggested maintenance.

On the performance side of things, we provide tuning, dynomometer and fabrication services as well as the ever popular engine swap

Engine swaps is another TCS specialty! Whether its a late model fuel injected engine into an old vehicle, or one brand into another, TCS can handle the chore!



We can fill your bottles!